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Golf aristocracy in civilized society

2022-06-26 03:45Plug golf event
Summary: Golf is called noble sport. What do you think of itIn other words, arrogance is a reflection of people's animal instinct. In a civilized society, outdoor activities are just one of the ways to rele
Golf is called noble sporGolf aristocracy  in civilized societyt. What do you thiGolf aristocracy  in civilized societynk of it
In other words, arrogance is a reflection of people's animal instinct. In a civilized society, outdoor activities are just one of the ways to release such instincts, which has won the unanimous love of everyone. For the elite class of the times, the role of sociGolf aristocracy  in civilized societyal networking platform is obviousWhy is golf an aristocratic sport
It seems that they don't know. Golf, a noble sport, is misunderstood in China. The aristocratic movement in foreign countries is called aristocratic movement because it was first played by aristocrats. But not because the price is expensive, just because the early aristocrats played. ActuallyWhy is golf considered an aristocratic sport
Secondly, it is related to the origin of golf. The origin of mainstream golf is Scotland in the 13th ~ 14th century, and it is also popular among the royal families. Think about who the royal families are, so it is called noble sport. And the gentlemanly demeanor of Scotland and the politeness of ladies are obviousIf you don't understand, why are tennis, bowling and golf called noble sports
Because tennis originated in Britain, the game process pays great attention to the etiquette of both sides of the game, whether it is the ball equipment, clothing, judgment, skills, there are more stress. In the early days, thGolf aristocracy  in civilized societye evaluation of a player's strengths and weaknesses even includes his hitting posture, body shape, appearance, etc. Everything except " Sports competition " Other requirementsMinor knowledge: does Golf belong to noble sports
I think golf is a noble sport. I think Golf costs a lot. Golf is known as the noble sport, which was caused by the publicity of the sport when golf was first introduced into China more than 20 years ago. Golf is actually a very popular sport in foreign countries, just as we play badminton, volleyball, basketball and other sports. WhenWhy golf is a noble sport
Although golf has become a popular sport now, the group playing golf is not limited to the nobility, and ordinary people can afford itWhy is golf called an aristocratic sport? What do you know
This is because playing golf is a very expensive sport. We ordinary people have no chance to touch golf at all. Do you know why golf is called noble sport? What do you know about golf? Let's have a chat! Golf is indeed an aristocratic sportWhy are golf and horseback riding "noble" sports
At the same time, golf social networking is widely spread. When choosing partners, it is a good choice to invite each other to play golf first. Because golf is mostly conducted without the supervision of referees or arbitrators, the score mainly depends on whether the players themselves are honestGolf is a synonym for noble sports. What are the requirements for the venue
Location golf courses need to be located in places with beautiful scenery. Because Golf itself is an aristocratic sport, the people who come to play golf are the elite of the society. They come to play golf to relax. If the scenery around the golf course is not good, how can they come! In addition
Golf aristocracy in civilized society

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